Some lines are long, Some lines are short.
Some lines will tell you it's time to abort.
Some lines mark success, and others decline
Some lines will tell you: "Spend your last dime."

Some lines grew out of reason, knowledge and debate.
Sometimes we don't see lines and have to trust in our fate
Some lines show happiness and some spell bad luck.
Some people don't have lines, [no they don't] They don't give a fuck.

His lines are dirty and mark the obscene.
Her lines, you hate to be in between.
These lines are drawn, those are spelled out.
My lines are questioned by reasonable doubt.

Throw out a line and hope that she'll buy,
maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight.
Beside your innocence, it's just a tease.
Crossing the line, begging on your knees.
Some lines are broken, some will not stand.
Some lines are back, mob up your loving man.
These lines are big, others are small.
But it's pretty hard to follow them all.

[Follow them all.]
[Follow them all.]
[Follow them all.]
[Follow them all.]
[Follow them all.]
[Follow them all.]
[Follow them all.]