I've been around,
been around indeed
I tell you nothing,
nothing can compete.

Turn my head,
but I can't be satisfied.
Without a high-powered mutant
high-powered mutant of your kind.

OoOh yeah.
Yeah, your looks are top.
OoOh another.
Another won't be enough.

Maybe if I save up every dime
Oh, how great it would be,
I wanna make that Camaro all mine.

My Camaro, oohooh no.
My Camaro, soo slow.

Today, I passed you on the street.
And my heart, fell right there at your feet.
At your feet, at your feet
At your feet...

My Camaro, go go.
My Camaro, so slow.

My Camaro, oohooh no.
My Camaro, so slow.